Tuesday, May 8, 2012

true lies

i will sell you
the air from my lungs
the nothing i hold in my hand
and the contemplations of a dead and buried man

if you had any sense
you would sell the farm
your stocks, your bonds
your children, your pets
your husband or your wife
along with the deed to your life
you would sell every goddamn thing
to buy the emptiness i bring

i will tell you
the secrets everybody knows
to get the cleanest
you must bathe with worms
to love the sinner
you must love the sin
your fanciest outfit
is your bare-naked skin
i will tell you
only the truest of lies

if you had any sense
you would cut down every tree
and mine the earth to an empty shell
to build a cage from the outside in
you would paint yourself into a corner
you would stay there for the rest of time

you would be the bear
caught in the trap
that the long-gone trapper forgot he set
your only desire
would be never ever getting free

i will sell you
your cell
with a countless-day, money-back guarantee