Wednesday, April 25, 2012

casting for satan

they all had a right to be
there, 6 hundred or more red devils
pubic eyebrows and sallow contact
lenses, token tails, fake nails, headband horns, evil grins licked lipstick clean
like photo-negative whores.

they all had to be
there, a conglomeration of bad.
driven, devoted,
like priests to the calling.
an amalgam of predatorial dry wit and
heathenistic howling
and all with over 6 hundred fucking mouthes
to feed.

the competition was felt in the walls, spectrum
stained prints, swiped from nervous red brows.
the aftermath, a graveyard of excitement and disillusion dropped
props. blood colored people
returning to their day jobs, knowing
the decision was prearranged.
for many
the devil scrubs off with soap
and a few saps have to wait for the dye
to fade,
but one lucky motherfucker gets paid to stay red
for all of god-damned time.

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