Wednesday, April 25, 2012

t. gondii’s trans-spatial orgiastic toxoplasmosis conversion crusade

we fester on this mound of
cat-shit and clay
piled up 
around the house
our house, his house, her house, houses
filled with voices, so
many whispers and shouts
a legion of one 
explaining to no one, “my cats,
fucking made me this way!”

we are eternal 
salvations space traveling viral siren song.
psst, Come here little rat
you coprophiliac

know no fear
little vessel hold still 
we have wires to cross and
your brain to invade.
smell that piss? 
see that shadow?
there’s that pussy
we love 
feel the rush of
pussy fangs sinking in from above.

burst forth from stigmata to
feline savior and christ
your blood saves us and bathes us
and lubes us up lewd.

amative plasma and pleasure
slush fucking o o orgy, of gods
sloshed and sliding on juicy jism and
tearing lovers in two. 
cum spasmodically, splitting symmetries
over orgasmic osmosis ocean motions 
and millions become billions and trillions overcome you.

eat a shit seed and
be a rat, bleed and
see a cat, feed and
let us fuck and free you

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