Wednesday, April 25, 2012

this house

Lightening strikes cesspool
And up boils me
Chaotic Adams crawl from
Mold damped pile of some
Other animals discarded skin
Washed off in
Rust formed basins
Crushed under hard water
Stiff like a syrup soaked towel
Snapped like a twig
This house belongs to no one except the billions within

Creation begins in the room overgrown
All feminine clutter boxing you in
To the corner a dresser two drawer thigh
High little bits hiding father's
Cobwebbed ego and mind

Downstairs passed the Jesus and
Jesus' twin
The critters
They scatter and
Run up the walls
To the sharp fruit
Rotted sanctuaries and
Hallowedless holes

Be a rat
See a cat
Fuck like mad inside that

Brother dies in the room where loud
Beats through your ear
Till you hear, oh!
You'll hear
Cold feet slop the ground flooded
with bong water and beer

Scream the drums

Scream the mind

Little fatty greases glass
Loosing floaties through ravenous lips
Little faggy shouts at mirror
Shaking frustrated fists
Girls, they just last.
Can they weather it out?
Sticky gum glues you down
Ripped off
Missing a patch
If you want to survive then

Hide yourself in the trash

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