Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a day in the life of a bigoted racist- a fill in the blank adventure!

i wake up
around 7:30.
if necessary,
i shower.
after dressing,
i sit down for breakfast,
Cinnamon Life.
i love Cinnamon Life.
the box says,
“you’ll love it!”
and i do.
i reach for the paper,
but what’s the point?
the __a__ is/are __b__ and is/are destroying __c__.
i hate __a__.

i go to my job.
i have lunch with my friends,
__l__, __m__, and __n__.
we eat McDonalds.
i’m loving it.
i love my friends.
my friends speak my language.
we talk about __a__
and about how much we hate them,
because they’re so __b__,
and we make jokes
about how much they suck at __c__.
i love making jokes.
it’s such a simple formula:
__a__ = __b__ + __c__.
although, i’ve never been great with numbers,
jokes are like math i understand.

i go home.
i drink __z__.
i love __z__.
my dad loved __z__.
so i love __z__.
i watch t.v.,
so i can have a few laughs.
i love the shows with the jokes.
i usually fall asleep with the t.v. on.

{[(a = other/s, b = evil,stupid, inferior, c = everything, l = lance, lamarr, lilith, m = mort, mustaffa, ming, n = nelly, NaCl, nebuchadnezzar, z = suffering) = c] = z} = c...  

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