Wednesday, April 25, 2012

fish food

this hook snagged Brain, boat bottom flopping
water logged, oxygen starved, rescued
from the shark infested
amour aphotic

iced to
slow the thinking. Brain,
meet the Fisherman, a
brain meat fetishist
scratchy, scarred and wielding razors that
slice and shave clean cuts through the cortex

dissevered, left is left and
right is left, divided
two halves half thinking
release the rancid electric stink of neurons misfiring

this Brain is rotten!
he grunts while poking
obsession toned tight coil clumping
knots and knowledge tumors
and chops this Brain to
bite sized thoughts and pieces

thrown overboard
the bits sink 
down through surface
plinking, into a 
piscivorous feeding frenzy

one fish 
sucks soul sediments
red fish 
nibbles selfishness 
blue fish 
sups sand sifted sentiments
two fish 
ejaculate poo string consciousness 

all school together, a 
melding of this
minnow mined mind. sluggish, 
from neurotic morsel mulling, a 
net bundles their brain bloated bellies, the 
water runs off like free flowing fear

this collective brain is finally thinking clear

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