Wednesday, April 25, 2012


the accident was caused
by the thought
compounding iteration
a dented head
hood splayed
with that pounding head-
ache shattered on the wind-
shield scattered as in
wait wait wait wait
i lost my thought

to travel back and pause
to the moment ringing heavy
with a silent conversation
irrelatively heady
and repetitive
a moon echo repeated
as in the metered streaming
cars, white comets oncoming
two beams, two beams, two beams
shaken bead stimulation
as in the spray-can
or loosely bolted mufflers sprayed
primer grey, prime time
delay in the live feed
as in distraction
as in is as out
and we’re back
through filtered frames
shots of head break
on his back
on the front of a caddy

down that block
blockaded surprises
as in not there last night
free circulation barricades
where habit force veers
to the right, crowds
as in punctured clouds
with clear light clarity
empty stare witnesses
glaring constituents
as in is as out
an accident and then
a dent head
open wide with all the juicy bits
aired outing gawks
gaping excessive thoughts inside

the accident was caused
as in the axis jolted stone
with the comet crater
where water wells a hole
for the age of the beasties    

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