Wednesday, April 25, 2012

cheech, chong and my dad go to carl's junior

scene opens with a fat, bald man
walking across a desert.
it's windy.
he approaches
cheech and
chong and
the stone pile they are sitting on

cheech: hey, man, do you know.... do you even know what we got here, man?
chong: yeah, man, open your eyes and see, man.
my dad: looks like a pile of rocks.
cheech: yeah, rocks.
chong: (laughs) rocks.
my dad: what do you do with them?
cheech: awe man, they're good for so many things, you know, but mostly, we just hit ourselves in the head with them.

chong hits himself with a stone and laughs.

the wind stops.
you can hear one bird,
around and
overhead, high
over head

my dad: that sounds like a good time.
he takes a seat on their stone pile and whacks himself on the forehead with a large flat stone.
blood trickles down and drips
off his bulbous nose.

the wind picks up again
cheech: so, what are you doing in the desert, man?
chong: (laughs) desert.... dessert.... de-sert
my dad: ..... i can't remember
he looks off into the distance
you can hear one bird's
hunger call
my dad: ... but, i think i see a carl's jr over there.
he gets up to leave

scene ends with a fat, bald man
walking across a desert
following yesterday's depressions
in the sand

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