Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a second unexplained occurrence of harry potter sours an otherwise premo joke

…and then she said,
“that’s not my husband, that’s my butler.”
ba dumpumm ting
jeeze, tough crowd. i tell ya,
i get no respect. who doesn’t like
a good incest joke? alright,

here’s a good one,
you will all like this,
especially you lady,
in the third row,
cuz you look like a snake,
that’s okay,
my aunt mary was a viper. alright,

so there’s this long part and
the punch line is:

you know, like the
snake language in
harry potter, nothing?
i know, another harry potter
reference. what
the fuck is wrong with me?
i got to stop.
it’s just not professional.
i don’t know,
i’m laughing. alright,

so this fork walks into a spoon…

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